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Automobile insurance is purchased for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Its primary use is to provide protection against losses incurred as a result of traffic accidents and against liability that could be incurred in an accident.

What Minimum Coverage Is Required In Florida

In Florida, to purchase a tag, you must carry:

  • A minimum of $10,000 of personal injury protection (PIP)
  • A minimum of $10,000 of property damage liability            
  • However, the Florida Financial Responsibility law requires drivers to be financially responsible for bodily injuries to limits of $10,000 per person with a maximum of $20,000 per accident. If a driver or owner of a vehicle does not have sufficient cash reserves to meet the financial responsibility requirement, it is a very good idea to purchase Bodily Injury Liability.

    Is that enough coverage? and ask me why?

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    Bodily Injury Liability (BI)

    Bodily Injury Liability pays, up to policy limits, for death or serious and permanent injury to others when you are legally responsible for an accident involving your automobile. This coverage also provides legal representation if you get sued.

    Property Damage Liability (PD)

    Property Damage Liability pays, up to policy limits, for certain damage that you cause to another person ’s property through the use of an automobile. The term property is not limited to another vehicle and may include a fence, telephone pole, building or animal.

    Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

    PIP was designed to help reduce the need for Floridians to sue to cover injuries resulting from automobile accidents. PIP covers the named insured and other members of the household. PIP pays:

    • 80 percent of medically necessary expenses;
    • 60 percent of lost wages;
    • 100 percent of replacement services such as child care, housekeeping, or yard work;
    • Up to $5,000 for death benefits.
    • The basic PIP limit is $10,000. However, additional PIP may be purchased.

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      What Other Coverages Are Available?

      Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM)

      Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM) Coverage pays for "accidental" bodily injury (BI), sickness, or disease, including death, when an insured sustains such injury as the result of an automobile accident and the legally obligated party does not have Bodily Injury Coverage, or does not have sufficient limits to satisfy the injury claim . This includes both economic (actual medical bills and other out of pocket expenses) as well as non-economic (pain and suffering) damages.

      The limit of UM Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist must be the same as the BI bodily injury unless the insured signs a form to reduce or delete the coverage.  The coverage must also be issued as stacked (i.e, 10/20/10 if stacked = 20/40/20) unless a form electing non-stacked is signed by the insured.

      Medical Payments

      Medical Payments coverage is for payment of reasonable expenses incurred for necessary medical and funeral services because of bodily injury caused by an auto accident and sustained by an insured .  Generally, the expenses must be incurred within 3 years of the accident.  However, the courts have required payment when a child is injured but it is medically determined that the treatment should be delayed, for example dental work or plastic surgery.

      Comprehensive (a/k/a Other than Collision)

      Comprehensive or Other Than Collision Coverage pays for damage to a vehicle from incidents other than a collision including: fire, theft, windstorm, vandalism or flood.  It also covers damages caused by falling objects or from hitting an animal.  

      If your policy includes Comprehensive coverage (a.k.a. "Other Than Collision") at the time of a disaster, then wind and flood damages are covered.  For example, auto glass broken by windblown objects, vehicles overturned by the force of the wind, or auto glass that pops out due to a sudden drop in atmospheric pressure, are all covered losses. Windshield glass claims are not subject to the deductible .

      Flood as defined by the NFIP National Flood Insurance Program as a general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of normally dry land areas from:

    • overflow of inland or tidal waters,
    • the unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters from any source,
    • Mud slides, (i.e. mud flows) which are proximately caused by flood, as defined above, and are akin to a river of liquid and flowing mud on the surface of normally dry land areas, as when earth is carried by a current of water and deposited along the path of the current, and
    • the collapse or subsidence of land along the shore of a lake or other body of water as a result of erosion or undermining caused by waves or currents of water exceeding the cyclical levels which result in flood, as defined above.
    • Collision


      Collision coverage pays for repair or the actual cash value of the insured's vehicle if it collides with another vehicle, flips over, or crashes into an object (except animals), regardless of who causes the accident.

      Towing and Labor

      Towing and Labor Coverage can be included under various forms of personal automobile insurance .  It provides coverage for emergency road service (at the scene) and towing up to the limits shown on the policy .  However, the insurance company may cancel the policy for too many towing claims even, if the insured reported no accidents.

      An automobile policy will pay for towing a disaster damaged vehicle if the policy contains a towing and labor coverage provision.  This type of coverage usually pays up to a specified dollar amount for the towing and labor charge.

      Rental Reimbursement

      Rental Reimbursement provides reimbursement for automobile rental up to a specified limit shown on the policy . It applies if the insured gets into an accident with their own automobile and can no longer drive it, and usually if the auto is stolen.  Some insurance companies will have the insured rent/lease the replacement vehicle and then submit receipts for reimbursement.

      Other Drivers in Household

      Any driver that resides in the home of the insured or has regular usage of the insured's vehicle, must be listed on the policy . If this information was not disclosed to the insurance company, they can deny a claim and cancel the policy for material misrepresentation.

      If the driver is not living in the household and does not have regular usage of the vehicle and the insured provided permission to drive the vehicle, applicable coverage may apply.

      Be certain to read your policy as some policies only cover listed operators.

      What if you are involved in an accident in a state other than Florida?

      The good news is that most policies will increase to match the minimum requirements of the state in which the accident occurred. The 12 states with no-fault insurance systems require that your insurer pay for your damages (as if you had a no-fault policy).

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      SR 22

      A SR 22 Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements in Florida

      An SR22 (SR= Safety Responsibility) is "certified proof of liability insurance" by an insurance company licensed in the State of Florida . All drivers in the State of Florida are required to maintain minimum coverage as specified below.

      The Florida Financial Responsibility Law requires that any person at fault in a crash resulting in bodily injury and property damage to others must have in effect at the time of the crash full certified proof of liability insurance coverage. This coverage includes:

    • minimum limits of bodily injury liability of $10,000 per person, $20,000 per crash, $10,000 property damage liability per crash, and
    • personal injury protection (PIP) limits of $10,000 per person per crash.
    • If a driver is involved in an accident and does not have the minimum certified liability insurance required in the State of Florida or their license is lapsed, canceled or suspended for other reasons, they may be required to obtain an SR22 and certify their insurance.

      An SR-22 is:

    • required to be carried for 3 years however the reason behind why the financial certificate must be maintained can change the amount of time it must be kept
    • sometimes the form must only be filed for 2 years or
    • a judge can deem longer for DUI related cases.
    • According to information from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV),

    • Florida motorists can be required to provide this Department with proof of property damage liability & Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage based on
    • lapses
    • cancellations of coverage
    • accidents involving property damages where no proof of coverage was evidenced at the scene
    • when registering or renewing a vehicle registration
    • and court-ordered suspensions.
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      FR 44 Minimum Auto6 Insurance Coverage Requirements in Florida

      In 2007 the Florida legislature enacted new rules and procedures for DUI drivers. The State began using form FR44 for DUI drivers which requires increased liability limits of 100/300/50 up from 10/20/10 as indicated on a Florida SR22 Insurance form.

      In order to satisfy the requirements mandated by the state for DUI drivers who need the Florida FR44 form, Bodily Injury Liability coverage in the amount of 100/300 ($100,000 per person and $300,000 total per accident) needs to be secured. Ten times the financial responsibility requirement for drivers without a DUI.

      Effective October 1, 2007, s. 324.023 Florida Statutes, requires:

    • Proof of increased financial responsibility in the form of liability insurance for bodily injury or death, in those circumstances where a person has been convicted for driving under the influence.
    • Pertains to owners or operators found guilty, or who enters a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to a charge of driving under the influence under s. 316.193, F.S., after October 1, 2007.
    • The increased requirements of liability insurance upon conviction of a DUI will be in the amount of $100,000 (bodily injury)/ $300,000 (two or more persons) / $50,000 (property damage).
    • Or Combined single limits of $350,000 to the extent of the above limits.
    • All policies must be paid in full.
    • No cancelations, no changes.
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Motorcycle Insurance

We can insure most types of motorcycles including:

  • Cruisers,
  • Dirt bikes,
  • Enduros,
  • Sport bikes,
  • Touring bikes,

  • Also
  • Scooters,
  • Trikes and
  • some Custom bikes.
    • Coverages include:

      Bodily injury liability coverage

    • Insures you against certain damages if you injure or kill someone while operating your motorcycle and also provides you with a legal defense if another party in the accident files a lawsuit against you. Multiple limits of protection are available from which to choose.

      Property damage liability coverage

      • Insures you against certain damages caused to someone else's property while operating your motorcycle and provides you with a legal defense for such claims if another party files a lawsuit against you. Multiple limits of protection are available from which to choose.
      • Collision coverage

      • Pays for covered damage to your motorcycle when it hits, or is hit by, another vehicle.
      • Collision coverage provides protection for your helmet as well.
        • Comprehensive physical damage coverage

        • Pays for covered losses resulting from incidents other than collision, such as:
        • Fire
        • Theft
        • Vandalism.

          Accessories coverage

        • If you carry comprehensive or collision coverage, your policy will include coverage for your accessories. Accessories may include: saddlebags, backrests, seats, chrome pieces and CB radios. Additional coverage can be purchased.

        Uninsured/Underinsured motorists coverage

        • Pays for injuries caused by an uninsured driver in a crash that is not your fault.
      • Medical payments, No-Fault or Personal injury protection coverage
        • You can select medical coverage for yourself and your passengers.

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Water Craft Insurance

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Off-Road/ATV Insurance

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