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Ameriway Insurance Company
1963 S 8th St
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Our primary market focus is in Nassau County. We provide Homeowners Insurance and specialize in Flood protection. We have more than ten (10) homeowner companies to select from. Some specialize close to the beach, others further inland. The rules for coverage change constantly...so come ask the experts.

If you move in America, you need Auto Insurance coverage. We have Seven (7) companies that could offer you coverage. Come give us a test quote. See the map at the bottom of the page.

Have a Mobile Home (MH)? We have multiple companies that could potentially offer you coverage.

The last five years has seen Ameriway Insurance writing more and more Commercial Business Insurance. General Liability (GL) coverage is what you need if you are an Artisan (i.e., carpenter, painter, plumber, do lawn care or tree trimming, provide janitorial services, etc.) as well as a categorty all by itself "Handyman".

If you have Commercial Property , we can quote both General Liability and Property with Wind or EX-Wind .

See the map below.

Regardless of where you are in Florida (FL) we can help.
Call us at 904-261-0530.

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